RedruM – A tale of Murder

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Redrum – A Tale of murder
Hindi रेडरम अ टेल ऑफ़ मर्डर
Directed by Dhruv - Sourabh
Produced by
  • Durgesh Paul
  • Varun Bhilwara
Screenplay by Dhruv Sachdev
Story by Dhruv Sachdev
Music by Anurag Mohn, Agastya and Aagaman
Cinematography Premanand B.
Edited by Ashray , Pradeep
  • Durgesh Paul Production
  • Bhilwara Entertainment
Release date
  • 18 August 2017 (2017-08-18)
Country India
Language Hindi

'RedruM – A tale of Murder' is an upcoming Hindi movie based on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic book The Tell Tale Heart. Touted to be India's first film with a 3D (Binaural) background score the film is stated for an October 2015 release. The film stars Vibhav Roy[1], Pakistani actress Saaeda Imtiaaz[2] and veteran actor Tom Alter in pivotal roles and is directed by the duo Dhruv-Sourabh[3].


RedruM - A tale of Murder is a story of a disturbed man who becomes a Rockstar, but even after receiving all the applause, his complexities and insecurities get the better of him. His lady loveAarika’s constant love and support manages to bring him out of his depression. But it’s Daksh’s obsession with Aarika that crashes her world down. The film captures Daksh-Aarika’s difficult world, complicated relationship and the tough fight to emerge as one.



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