Refaat Ismael

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Refaat Ismael
Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa character
Refaat Ismael.jpg
Sketched picture of Refaat Ismael
First appearance 1993 in (Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa) first release
Last appearance 22/01/2012 in (Songs of the Nativity)اغانى المهد
Created by Ahmed Khaled Towfik
Aliases Han-chu-Kan,harry Sheldon, Sam Colby and more
Gender male
Occupation University professor
Religion Islam
Nationality Egyptian

Refaat Ismael (Arabic: رفعت إسماعيل‎‎) is the main character in the Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa series by Ahmad Khaled Towfeq. According to the series, he was born in Kafr Badr village in Al Sharqiyah in Egypt. He has one brother Reda and one sister Nagah. After graduating from the School of Medicine, Cairo University, he completed his post graduate studies in Scotland, England. After his return, he was appointed as a professor in Cairo University. He is famous for his sarcasm to everything in the world, and strong religious belief that causes him to detect hoaxes at sometimes when a legend has a conflict with religion. Refaat is known also for his eternal love to Maggie, a former colleague from the university of Edinburgh, her father was his professor. They decided to never stay with each other or get married as this would ruin their relationship. He was once engaged to an Egyptian woman, Howaida, but they broke up. He has several friends who have accompanied him in his journeys.


In the 20th episode of the series, Dr. Ismael first meets his nemesis Dr. Lucifer, an enigmatic characters who claims to be a fortuneteller of Hungarian origins. Dr. Lucifer claims to see the future using Tarot cards and manipulates his victims into believing they will meet a horrible fate and eventually leads them to their demise. Dr. Lucifer later becomes a regular feature in the series, where it becomes apparent that he is more of a supernatural entity. In Episode No. 73, Dr. Lucifer's son, Chiriascos, seems to be manipulating Dr. Ismael through his prophecy- like writings.

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