Reshita Boruah

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Reshita Boruah
Born Assam, India
Nationality Indian
Years active Till date
Awards Mrs. India World, 2017, Mrs. World 2017 (2nd Runners up) , Mrs. Congeniality

Mrs. Reshita Boruah is an Indian woman , who hails from the Jorhat district of the North-East Indian State of Assam. She participated in the Mrs. World 2017 pageant, held at Everett Performing Arts Centre, Everett, Washington, USA, representing India and was crowned with the 2nd Runners up title at the grand finale of the prestigious pageant. At the same pageant she also won the title of Mrs. Congeniality. [1]


Mrs. Reshita Boruah has acquired a masters degree from M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Bengaluru, Karnataka under Bangalore University and has also been awarded a fellowship for her Ph.D research from her host Institution North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat , Assam by the Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology. [2]


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