Rick Peterson (Canadian politician)

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Rick Peterson
File:Rick Peterson CPC.jpg
Personal details
Born Richard Peterson
Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Political party Conservative
Other political
B.C. Conservative (provincial)
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alma mater University of Alberta (B.A.)
Occupation Small business owner
Known for Running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada
Website petersonleader.ca

Rick Peterson is a Canadian small business owner, and political candidate from Vancouver, British Columbia. Peterson ran unsuccesfully for the leadership of the British Columbia Conservative Party, and for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.[1]

In July 2017, it was announced that Peterson was considering running parliament in the riding of Sturgeon River—Parkland, a riding once-held by longtime Conservative MP, and interim leader Rona Ambrose.[2]

Political positions[edit]

Peterson supports eliminating federal corporate taxes and implementing a 15% flat income tax.[3]

Peterson is a critic of Single payer healthcare and supports federalizing the healthcare system, allowing provinces to privatize their respective healthcare services.[3]


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