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Risque Disque is a Canadian independent record label, established in 1985. The label was formed by John Caton, Prairie Oyster's band manager, and was based out of the basement of the Horseshoe Tavern.[1] It was originally distributed by Warner Music Canada.

In 2012, the label was passed down from John Caton to Todd Dunsmore, who began restructuring and re-branding the label.

Risque Disque officially re-opened in 2013 as an independent record label with a stable of actively touring Canadian artists.

The label is known for releases by Blue Rodeo, Bob Wiseman, Scott Dibble, Crash Vegas, Gibby Nik, Gold & Shadow, Aaron James and The Blackwater, and Oliver Swain.[2]

The label's current headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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