Rivals of European Public Broadcasting

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Rivals of European Public Broadcasting[edit]

Rivals of European Public Broadcasters were Beating The 5 Majority Broadcasters in European Union were BBC,ARD,NPO,ITV,SRG SSR these Broadcasters Were all 5 other than European Broadcasters otherwise Main Rivals Contains Pillages more than €10,000,000 Revenues Allowing for Producing Programs


Otherwise the Public Broadcasters there are the Competitors Between Radio and Television These 5 Rivals are BBC,ARD,NPO,ITV,SRG SSR There Working and BBC is the 1st Place and NPO is 2nd Place ARD is 3rd Place


ARD Serving 9 Regional Broadcasters Bringing the german people These 9 Regional Broadcasters were

  • BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk)
  • NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk)
  • WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk)
  • SWR (Südwestrundfunk)
  • RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • SR (Saarländischer Rundfunk)
  • HR (Hessischer Rundfunk)
  • MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk)
  • RB (Radio Bremen)


The Nederlandse Publieke Omroep

All Public Broadcasters Originated in Hilversum these Tenants As of Matter of 2010 when LLiNK is Removed These Originated Tenants are:

  • AVRO: the 1st Public Broadcaster part of AVROTROS Network
  • KRO: the 2nd Broadcaster Part of KRO/NCRV Network
  • NCRV: one of the 3rd Broadcaster part of KRO/NCRV Network
  • VPRO: the Home of Documentaries at the 5th Place
  • VARA: Division of BNN/VARA Networks and Social Based Broadcaster at the 4th Place
  • BNN: The Progressive/Entertainment Network and a Division of BNN/VARA Networks
  • NOS: The News and Sports Service Known for NOS Journaal
  • EO: The Orthodox Free Protestant or Evangelical
  • TROS: An Offshore Service and A Part of AVROTROS Network
  • NTR: Since 9/1/10 NPS,Teleac and RVU will all Merged And the Educational Service
  • MAX: Older Age Service Must 50 Years old and Above
  • WNL: the Conservation Service and a Morning Service
  • POWNED: The Political Service speak by a Reporter
  • HUMAN: the Humanist
  • IKON: The 9 Small Churches Service

These Religion Based Broadcasters According to Article 2.42 of the Dutch Media Act of 2008 These Religions Are

  • RKK: the Roman Catholics (Merge into KRO/NCRV Networks
  • ZVK: the Church Service
  • IKON: the Intercontinental Church Service
  • OHM: the Hinduism
  • JO: the Judaism (merge to EO In 2015)
  • NIO: the Islams (withdraw in 2013)
  • NMO: the Muslims (withdraw in 2013)
  • BOS: the Buddhism

For Regional Broadcasters all over Netherlands for Every province but There are many Programs Produced and even RTV Networks RTV Means Regional Radio and Television of the Netherlands These Regional stations are:

  • L1 (Limburg Region)
  • NH (North Holland)
  • Omroep Brabant (North Braband)
  • Omrop Fryslân (Friesland)
  • Omroep Zeeland (Zeeland)
  • Omroep Gelderland (Gelderland)
  • Omroep Flevoland (Flevoland)
  • AT5 (Amsterdam) (Commercial Part)
  • RTV Drenthe (Drenthe)
  • RTV Utrecht (Utrecht)
  • RTV Rijnmond (Greater Rotterdam)
  • RTV Oost (Overijssel)
  • RTV Noord (Groningen)
  • RTV West (South Holland)

For the Original Omroepens

  • VOO (1975–95)
  • Omroep Teleac (1962–2010)
  • RVU (1930–2010)
  • Conzertzender (1998–2006)
  • NPS (1995–2010)
  • LLiNK (2005–10)

For Present Omroepens

These Omroepens from the Present Day

  • AVROTROS Networks
  • KRO/NCRV Network
  • BNN
  • EO
  • MAX
  • WNL
  • VPRO
  • NOS
  • VARA
  • NTR

Note: when VARA and BNN was Kept After Relocated to Media Park in Hilversum

  • Also KRO and NCRV Were Subsidiaries
  • Also AVRO and TROS is Subsidiaries

Those Associations And Foundations For Association Have All Members Began As A B and C Status or Class A B and C

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