Road (Hungarian rock band)

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Origin Domoszló, Hungary
Genres Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, modern rock
Years active 2004-Present
Labels Hammer Music
Members Golyán B. Zsolt "Goya"
Kádár Imre
Molnár Máté
Szabó Erik


Road is a Hungarian rock band from Domoszló, Heves County, Hungary. Formed in 2004, Road consists of bassist-singer Máté Molnár, guitarist Zsolt B. Golyán „Goya”, guitarist Imre Kádár and drummer Erik Szabó. The band’s lineup hasn't changed during it’s history so far.

Road’s style of music is often called as „Rock n’ Road” by the band itself that means characterful Hungarian countryside rock/heavy metal music in their context. Its guitar sound is distorted, its tempo is mainly energetic. Road also uses folkish motives in some of its songs, and the band has an acoustic repertoire, as well. It has already had a special concert with a brass orchestra.

Road’s lyrics are about love, passion, speed and rock and roll feeling – among other issues. With positive attitude, in a straightforward way. Road is one of the most active rock bands in Hungary and is very successful in the terms of record sales and concert attendance.

Road has released six studio albums, a best of album, a live album, two dvd-s, eighteen video clips and has also published a book of the band's story. Three of their albums has reached gold and two of them platinum status as Music recording sales certification. The band still works in its members’ childhood region called Mátraalja and they are on tour the whole of the year throughout Hungary as well as in trans-border areas inhabited by Hungarians.


  • 2006. The Best New Talent of the Year in Hungary Award
  • 2008. Number one of week 11 on the album chart of the Association of Hungarian Record Companies (MAHASZ)
  • 2009. The Best Domestic Album of the Year in Hungary Award
  • 2010. Number one of week 41 on the MAHASZ chart
  • 2013. Number one on the album chart of MAHASZ for several weeks, the fifth best album of the year in Hungary


  • Nem kell más (2004) /No need for someone else/
  • Második harapás (2006) /Second bite/
  • Aranylemez (2008) /Gold record/
  • Emberteremtő (2010) /Man creator/
  • Tegyük fel... (2013) /Let us say/
  • M. A. T. T. (2015) /M.A.T.E./
  • Tizenhét (2017) /Seventeen/


  • Heves megye lordjai (2009) /The Dukes of Heves/
  • Road Movie X Jubileumi DVD (2014) /10 Years Jubilee DVD/