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Shilkin Sergey
Born Shilkin Sergey
March 20, 1998 (1998-03-20) (age 19)
Rudnyy, Republic of Kazakhstan
Citizenship Russian Federation
Occupation Russian parapsychologist, psychic
  • Musatov Elena (mother)

"Shilkin Sergey "(March 20, 1998, Ore, Republic of Kazakhstan) is a Russian parapsychologist, psychic, Northern magician, and a religious figure.


Sergey was born in the town of Rudny, Republic of Kazakhstan in 1998. In 2002 his family moved to the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. There Sergey lived and studied until the age of seventeen. Then moved to Chelyabinsk and went to College at the faculty of design. At the age of eighteen years he was heavily involved in the study of esoteric sciences. Then he began working as a psychic. The parents of Sergey Roman, Musatov mother Elena (b. June 8, 1965) is a stylist, his father works as a chemist in Moscow. Sister Natalia as well as the mother works in the beauty industry.


Shilkin Sergey created its direction in the esoteric. He is the author of several modern methods of magical practices. Sergey has long studied the Northern magic, he began using their practices. Currently is an active psychic and a parapsychologist.


Shilkin Sergey is a pagan. His beliefs are based on the Scandinavian tradition. He revives the cult of paganism.