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This is a list of Romania's representatives and their placements at the Big Four international beauty pageants, considered the most important in the world. The country has yet to win any of the four pageants.

The criteria for the Big Four inclusion is based on SPECIFIC STANDARDS such as the pageants global prominence and prestige approved by worldwide media, the quality and quantity of crowned delegates recognized by international franchisees and pageant aficionados, the winner's post pageant activities; the pageants longevity, consistency, and history; the sincerity of the pageant's specific cause, platform, and advocacy; the overall pre-pageant activities, production quality and global telecast; the enormity of internet traffic; and the extent of popularity amongst pageant fans across the globe.[1][2][3]

Color Key
  •      Ended as Runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the Finalists or Semi-finalists
Year Miss Universe Miss World Miss International Miss Earth
2016 Teodora Dan Diana Dinu x Crina Stîncă
2015 x Natalia Onet Andreea Chiru Anca Neculaiasa-Pavel
2014 x Bianca Fanu Anca Francesca Neculaiasa Andreea Chiru
2013 Roxana Oana Andrei Andreea Chiru Diana Maria Tiron Ioana Mihalache
2012 Delia Duca x x Iulia Monica Dumitrescu
2011 Larisa Popa Alexandra Stănescu Andrada Vilciu Jihan Shanabl
2010 Oana Paveluc Lavinia Postolache x Andreea Capsuc
2009 Elena Bianca Constantin Loredana Violeta Salanta Iuliana Capsuc x
2008 x x x Ruxandra Popa
(Top 16)
2007 x Elena Roxana Azoitei x Alina Gheorge
(Top 16)
2006 x Ioana Boitor
(1st Runner-up)
x Nicoleta Motei
2005 x Raluca Voina x Adina Dimitru
2004 x Adina Maria Cotuna Ramona-Angela Raut x
2003 x Patricia Filomena Chifor x x
2002 x Cleopatra Popescu x x
2001 x Vanda Petre x x
2000 x Aleksandra Cosmoiu x ↑ No Pageant Held
(established in 2001 in Manila, Philippines)
1999 x Nicoleta Luciu x
1998 Juliana Elena Verdes x x
1997 Diana Maria Urdareanu x x
1996 Roberta Anastase Carmen Radoi x
1995 Monika Grosu Dana Delia Pintilie x
1994 Mihaela Ciolacu Leona Dalia Voicu x
1993 Angelica Nicoara x x
1992 Corina Corduneanu Camelia Ilie x
1991 Daniella Nane Gabriela Dragomirescu x
1990 x Mihaela Raescu x
1989 x x x

× Did not compete
No pageant held

Name of Pageant Placements Best Result
Miss Universe 0 None
Miss World 1 1st Runner-up (2006)
Miss International 0 None
Miss Earth 2 Top 16 (2007, 2008)
Total 3 None


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