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The Royce brand produced quality Swiss watches between the 1920s to 1970s.

The company was owned by Montres Sylvan Kocher & cie of Bevilard Switzerland.

This company's other brands included Amator, Equator, and Eska.

Kocher, Sylvan & Cie SA + Eska MFG Co, Grenchen / Selzach, Switzland & Baltimore MD, U.S.A. Other Brand & Model names: Amphibian, Bonostar, Budy, Cedin, Dorna, Dower, Eska, Leadership, Megalo, Protex,


ROYCE The company was founded in 1922 in Selzach. It was listed at Selzach in 1924 with no Eska. Eska was imported in the 1920s by Walter Kocher, NY. Royce was listed as a US import in 1951, using movements by A. Schild and ETA. Claimed in 1953 in an ad that they had launched "the first self-winding watch more than 20 years ago". In 1966 the company was listed as S. Kocher & Co, Eska. An ad in The Swiss Watch 1972/73 showed two coin watches, one using a US $ 10 and one using a US $20 piece, saying "Eska, Royce for 50 years".

Two joint registrations for the trademark: Fortima Trading AG Grenchen / Bettlach CH no 382690 15.05.1990 new 424982 KOCHER & CIE AG Grenchen CH no 246085 14.09.1996 R4249

Whereas the trademark Royce seems now to belong to a German watch Company in U.S.A.: (LAST LISTED OWNER) TUTIMA UHRENFABRIK GMBH CORPORATION FED REP GERMANY TRENDELBUSHER WEG 16 - 18 GANDERKESEE FED REP GERMANY D-2875