Rushi (2012 film)

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Even though the movie is called Rushi, the main characters name in the movie is spelled as "Rishi". Weird. In the beginning, there is an anonymous tv reporter man who wants to interview Rushi, I mean Rishi. He thinks Rishi is a very good doctor because he is willing to do anything to save his patient. He talks to Rishi. Rishi even stops smoking because he loves his patient so much. He then narrates his flash back. Like every other kurrodu, he goes to medical school in Khammam to become a doctor. He wants to be a doctor because it pays really well and he is an orphan. He then meets many friends in college and he is not afraid to give surgery to a dead corpse. He is really brave. He then meets an ammai named Priya. At first Priya hates him because of his outlandish ways, but then accepts him because he seems like a lovable person. How cute. While Rishi, Priya, and the friends are all on a bus having a good time, being happy, and cute, a little boy starts to move up and down because his heart hurts. Despite not having his doctor license completely yet, he still helps the boy. Wow, what a bold move. He tells the medical academy what he did and they are mad at him. He then becomes friends with that abbai, uh-uh I mean boy. Sorry english is a little hard to write. But the boy loves Priya instead because she is beautiful. He loves her even though he is too young, but his confidence is appreciated. His condition becomes worse. Rushi being the good doctor he is, wants to donate his heart to the boy even though he will die. He gets into a lot of beef with the media because of his statements. He then wins the case and donates his heart to the boy, dying in the process. Priya is the one who gives the surgery. That is just cold. The boy survives. Rushi is a ghost at the end and says he is a cool dude because he helped a boy out.