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The Russian Young Physicists’ Tournament is a competition among secondary school students in their ability to solve complicated scientific problems, to present solutions to these problems and to defend them in scientific discussions called "Physics Fights". The RYPT in Russia is now a selective and preparative round for the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT).


Значок Турнир Юных Физиков

The Tournament was founded in 1979 in the Soviet Union, prior to the IYPT.[1]

The YPT remained a local event in Russia until 1988 when a first International Young Physicists' Tournament took place. The Tournament’s history at that time may be considered as very successful, because of significant interest to the event from leading scientists in USSR, including Evgeniy Velikhov and Georgiy Zatsepin, who were heads of the Organizing Committee.

However, by the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was evident that the YPT in Russia needed a considerable impetus to make Russian teams competitive at international competitions.[2][3]

Since 2004, the POISK Centre is remaining the organization that is selecting, preparing and supervising the National teams that are representing Russia at IYPT. These teams have achieved significant success at IYPTs in 2004 (Brisbane, Australia), in 2005 (Winterthur, Switzerland) and in 2006 (Bratislava, Slovakia), winning bronze medals twice. In May 2007, the Russian team won silver at the AYPT in Leoben, Austria.[4][5]

The Tournament[edit]

The course of the tournament is similar to the course of the IYPT.


The Problems for the Russian Tournament are the same as for the IYPT. According to the international regulations these problems may be used for national competitions.

Recent performances of Russian teams at IYPT[edit]

Year Team selected by POISK Centre Team selected by Moscow OC
2004 Ranked 4th (of 26), won Bronze Ranked 25th (of 26)
2005 Ranked 13th (of 25) Ranked 20th (of 25)
2006 Ranked 9th (of 26), won Bronze Did not participate
2007 Have cancelled participation

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