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SAM Rah Shahr is a privately held consulting firm headquartered in Tehran, Iran, formed by May 2005 as an affiliate company of Rah Shahr International Group. Rah Shahr International Group is a multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company, as a holding with more than 500 employees working across twelve provincial offices in Iran and two international offices (London, UK and Vancouver, Canada).

The principal divisions of SAM Rah Shahr are OHS, environmental and geotechnical departments which represent the main activities of the company. 

SAM Rah Shahr
Privately held
Industry OHS, Environment, Geotechnic
Founded 2005
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Services Environmental and Social Assessment, Environmental Planning, State of Environment Report, M&A Due Diligence/ ESA (Phase I & II), Multiple Criteria Decision Making or Analysis, Compliance Audits, Environmental Feasibility Studies, Environmental Baseline Studies


According to increasing the environmental attention in Iran, the environment department of Rah Shahr International Group has started its activities as an independent sector since 2005. After two years, environment department changed its name to HSE department and in addition to environmental studies, expanded its activities into health and safety. In 2010, HSE department converted to an independent company namely SAM Rah Shahr (hereafter “SAM”). SAM has added geotechnical engineering to its services since 2015. 

Field of activities[edit]

SAM provides a broad variety of HSE, environmental and geotechnical services as an affiliate company of Rah Shahr International Group with a wide team of experts. We help our clients find sustainable solutions to the challenges society faces today including extraction of finite resources, energy and water supply and management, waste management and climate change.