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Private company
Industry Computer software, Research and Development
Founded 2008
Headquarters Besançon, France
Products Collections Management System

SKINsoft is a French software company founded in 2008 in France. The company IT research laboratory mainly developed collection management softwares for cultural institutions. Since its inception, SKINsoft collaborated with a variety of different cultural institutions including major national museums, private foundations, libraries, heritage and archive institutions. The company also took part in different projects regarding data exchange between collection management applications and namely in the Europeana Inside project.


The company is created in 2008 in Besançon and starts developing a first full-web collection management application, mainly designed for museum collections : S-museum. The modules dedicated to the official inventory and to decennial audit campaigns are officially validated by the Service des Musées de France [1] (French department of museums) in December 2011. SKINsoft diversifies their application suite in 2010 and develops solutions for libraries with SKINlibris [2], for preventive archeology structures with S-archeo, and to territorial heritage management with SKINheritage.

In parallel, the company develops an application to export heritage data to websites, 3D virtual museums [3] and OAI-PMH repositories.

The application S-MUSEUM dedicated to museum collections management is SPECTRUM[4] Compliant.

Europeana Inside[edit]

SKINsoft is a member of the consortium that initiated the Europeana Inside [5]. The company took part in the creation of a toolkit allowing to export data using the LIDO schema to the European Europeana heritage collections portal.

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