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Saadia Sehar Haidari is a Pakistani photojournalist, and the first female photojournalist in Pakistan.[1][2] In 2011, she was awarded the RMNP Sadiq Press Freedom Award.[2]

She has worked with various organizations including Nikhar, a local Urdu weekly, the INP news agency, UNICEF and the Xinhua News Agency.[3] As of September 2016, Haidari worked for Geo Independent Media.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Haidari’s husband Aziz was a photojournalist who joined Reuters in November 1991 as a correspondent and photographer.[1] In November 2001, he traveled from Pakistan to the Jalalabad province to cover the American invasion of Afghanistan.[3] He set out for Kabul as part of a 28-car convoy of journalists. Three of the cars in the convoy were ambushed by Taliban members. Aziz was killed along with three other foreign journalists.[1][3]

After the death of her husband, and as a single mother, Haidari has worked to become a prominent photojournalist in the Pakistan over the past decade.[citation needed]

Her grandfather, Mohammad Bakhsh Bhatti, was a photographer in Pakistan.[citation needed]


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