Sadhana Yoga

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Sadhana Yoga
Founder Venkataram Hemanth Kumar
Established 2005
Practise Emphasis To achieve long breath for maintain natural spinal curvature and to achieve 360 degree natural joints function.

Sadhana Yoga and Nature Cure System[edit]

Sadhana :Sanskrit, means “aim and goal”.

Sadhana yoga is rooted in Raja yoga, follows eight limbs of Raja yoga (Eight limbs: Yama, Niyama, Pratyhara, Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana, Dhrana, Samadhi),natural and pure, without any forces, it is based on modern scientific yoga system, a yoga system which regards human health, longevity and inner happiness as its aim and goal.

Sadhana yoga is an authentic and natural modern yoga system, founded by south Indian youngest contemporary Yogi Venkataram Hemanth Kumar. Sadhana yoga system which is based on the body requirements and health state of modern people, it is strongly related to human body. Sadhana yoga system in natural way maintain the natural curvature of the spine to achieve young body and inner happiness and longevity.

Sadhana nature cure naturally used body as a medicine cure all physical and mental aliments with the help of Sadhana Spinal breath, Yogasanas, Natural Diet with herbs, and Deep Sleep.