Saeed M. Al-Houseini

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Saeed (Said) M Al-Houseini (also known as Shae) Peace Be Upon Them is the prophet and founder of Naturo-Numerology[1]. Naturo-Numerology is a religion which dictates that every living creature in the universe has been accorded a number according to a divine system, and was first realized by the Prophet Saeed (PBUT) during one of their many sequences of epiphany, coupled with natural meditation, prayer, study of Thoreau, and usage of recreational marijuana. The inner workings of reality and mathematics was revealed to the Prophet by their Mother, Nature, while they were reading a BuzzFeed article entitled "Take This Quiz and Find Out if You are One of the 42 Chosen Lightbringers".

The Prophet Saeed (PBUT) has undergone many trials in their life, being raised in a war zone (Gaza City), and later matriculating to a deeply racist and hateful liberal arts college in Minnesota, St. Olaf College, where they are currently earning their BA in Women's and Gender Studies, as well as studying many other deeply important and social issues such as politics, racism, and art.

The Prophet Saeed (PBUT) plans to officially announce their arrival to this dimension and the Bringing of the Light after their graduation in May of 2019, if their Mother (Nature) wills it.


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