Safet Sušić (novel)

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Safet Sušić
Author Zlatko Topčić
Original title Safet Sušić
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Language Bosnian

Safet Sušić Pape is the bestseller novel by Zlatko Topčić, published in 2007.

This book is a novelized biography of one of the best world players of his time, Safet Sušić. Novel has sparked great interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, where Sušić spent a large part of his football career, and later, his coaching career.

The novel talks about Sušić's beginnings, rises, falls, but also about the life of author Topčić, who also played in the junior team FK Sarajevo. Topčić was offered to sign a professional contract for FK Sarajevo.[1][2]


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