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The Company was promoted in October, 2005 by visionary Late Shri. K. M. Goenka and Shri. Pramod Goenka, the erstwhile promoters of Dynamix Dairy Industries Limited.

Sahyadri Agro was formed with a vision to ensure sustainable, profitable growth, creating long term value for rural milk farmers and customers based on our systematic efforts, latest technologies, innovation and support.

Sahyadri Agro and Dairy Private Limited presently procures raw milk from seven districts from Maharashtra through its 420+ bulk milk cooling centers located across more than 420 villages. Today, more than 25,000 milk farmers are proud members of Sahyadri Agro family.

With the Bulk Cooling Centers installations and active engagement with farmers, we procure clean, nutritious and quality raw milk directly from the milk farmers, which will help in improving and strengthening rural livelihoods by boosting income and generating employment opportunities in the rural areas. [1] ​ ‘Sahyadri Agro and Dairy Private Limited’ (SADPL) is a leading supplier of 5,00,000-5,50,000 liters of quality raw milk daily to dairy units located across Maharashtra.

The name of Sahyadri Agro And Dairy Private Limited (SADPL) is synonymous with trust, transparency and quality in stakeholders of dairy industry in Maharashtra. This reputation has been earned as result of stable, persistent and above & beyond efforts of the company. SADPL journey so far has been very fulfilling experience in terms of the improvement and prosperity it has ushered in the quality of rural lives across its area of operations.

SADPL milk procurement journey started with a comprehensive and holistic survey about rural milk farmers, their milk productivity, its quality and cost of production etc. and other social economic factors. The information collected from this survey was sifted through and sorted to identify villages, talukas, districts where milk procurement could be carried out feasibly.

With identification of potential sources for milk procurement, SADPL identified local sources which can facilitate milk procurement while staying connected to the milk farmers at grass root level. SADPL entered into partnership with these facilitators (called Bulk Cooling Facilitators) to establish Bulk Cooling Centers (BCC) at designated places.

With present supply chain of more than 500 bulk milk cooling centers located across seven districts of Maharashtra, SADPL has taken gradual steps to focus on empowering rural livelihoods through boosting rural income levels. These Bulk Cooling Centers act as the hub of operations in milk procurement ecosystem. The Bulk Cooling Equipped with best in class equipment for on the spot raw milk testing, measuring and storing milk hygienically at designated temperatures. The BCC’s have imported bulk milk cooling tanks with failsafe dual power and dedicated chilling equipment to ensure milk procured retains its quality and properties until further processing. Over period of time and its operations, this standard set up has ensured that the quality and nutrition of raw milk procured by SADPL is best. SADPL also provides continual training and technical assistance to the BCF’s to help them run their daily operations smoothly. All the Bulk Cooling Centers are FSSAI and BIS certified in line with food safety and standard measurement regulations. These BCF’s also act as access points to interact with milk farmers, address their queries and concerns. SADPL has launched nutritious cattle feed under “Amrutdhara”, “Amrutdhara Gold” and “Jeevandhara” to help milk farmers boost health and milk productivity of its dairy animals. Special veterinary care products and services have been made available to milk farmers from time to time.

SADPL makes payment to its milk farmers at the end of the 10 day procurement cycle. The payment is made to milk farmers at best prevailing market rates.  SADPL has pioneered the direct payment system wherein payments to milk farmers at the end of the procurement cycle was directly made in their designated bank accounts. This has not only ensured that the payments are received by hard working milk farmers without involvement of any middlemen but also promoted financial inclusivity of rural population. 

Today, all 25,000 (appx.) milk farmers associated with Sahyadri Agro have access to bank accounts which in turn gives them access to host of financial services. SADPL always believed and practiced transparency at all levels of its operations and dealings gaining trust and reliance of more than 25,000 milk farmers.

The trust and reliance put forth by its members, has ensured that Sahyadri Agro has moved from strength to strength even in times which affected raw milk productivity directly. Sahyadri Agro is committed to share and continues to value its association with improvement and prosperity in rural lives.
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