Saint Michael's Bus Terminal

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Saint Michael's Bus Terminal
Pertukaran Bas Saint Michael's
Public bus
Location 10 Whampoa Road, Singapore 327691
Owned by Land Transport Authority
Operated by SBS Transit
Bus routes 6 (SBS Transit)
Bus stands 6
Bus operators SBS Transit
Structure type At-grade
Opened 26 May 1985
Key dates
26 May 1985 Commenced operations

Saint Michael's Bus Terminal, abbreviated to St. Michael's Ter, is a bus terminal located in the subzone of Balestier in Novena, Singapore. Despite its name, the terminal not located near St. Michael's Road, but is bordered by Whampoa Road and the Sungei Whampoa Canal, within the Whampoa estate.

The terminal has a single combined entrance and exit located along Whampoa Road. All berths are end-on, and are used for both loading/unloading passengers and parking of buses.

A new bus service, service 129, will begin operations from 18 Dec 2016 onwards, and will run between St. Michael's Ter. and Tampines Concourse.


In the 1970s, Saint Michael's Bus Terminal used to house 2 bus services from Singapore Shuttle Bus (Pte) Ltd, which have since been withdrawn in 2003, upon SBS Transit taking over the terminal.[1]

In 2011, the terminal was renovated and refurbished to provide full wheelchair accessibility for wheelchair-bound passengers. This included the installation of wheelchair ramps for every bus berth. Previously, only the berth at the northern-end of the terminal was wheelchair-accessible and only used by the first wheelchair-accessible bus service in Singapore, Service 21 since 2006.[2]

In 2014, Addition & Alteration Works were carried out under LTA Contract VT353[3], which was awarded to TQC Builders Pte. Ltd. in April 2013. The contract included to installation and construction of a new annexe at the terminal, with public restrooms, a driver's lounge and ancillary rooms, built on the space once occupied by the excess bus parking spaces; new rain shades, seating and wall mounted fans were also installed, with a new coat of paint applied to the structure.[4]

Bus Contracting Model[edit]

Under the new bus contracting model, all the bus routes were split into 3 route packages-129 under Tampines, 131 under Bukit Merah, and the rest under Bishan-Toa Payoh Bus Packages.


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