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Saksham Educational and Social Welfare Society is a Non-Governmental Organisation working in Kalapipal, a Tehsil in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh State of India. The organisation was founded by five members initially and now it has about 150 volunteers and so many members. This NGO is working mainly in Educational sector and specially for Females and the poor. The NGO is working since 15 august 2016 and is continuously active in this area. The NGO provides free education to women and the poor for various competitive exams. NGO members go through various schools and colleges doing campaigns for making women aware about rights and laws made in favor of them. The NGO makes medicines available, which are generally useful for people. The NGO helps the poor kids in getting admission to private schools under Right to Education. Various campaigns are done from time to time in order to make people aware about environmental pollution and their control measures. The NGO also works for making people aware about various serious diseases like AIDS, T.B. etc. People are motivated for blood donation and also for donating their organs like eye etc. The NGO also motivates people for plantation. NGO members regularly go through slum areas donating food and clothes to the poor.


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