Salai Taret

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Salai Taret Phiral(Flag)
Flag of The Salai Taret
Use Religious purposes (Sanamahism), Representation of the Meitei People
Proportion 1:2
Design Seven colors bands in horizontal position in the order of red, white, black, orange, violet, sky blue and light green(in ascending order) representing their respective Salais/Clans

Salai Taret or Yek Salai Taret is a collective term referring to the seven major clans[1] of the Meetei people. Salai means clan and Taret meaning seven in Meetei language. The Salai Taret is the unbroken patrilineality clan system in the Meetei Society. There are seven major Salais/Clans, namely :

  1. Mangang (Ningthouja)
  2. Luwang
  3. Khuman
  4. Angom
  5. Moirang
  6. Kha-Nganba
  7. Sarang Leishangthem (Chenglei)[2]

There are total number of 716[3] Meitei surnames belonging to one of the above mentioned Salai Taret, tracing back to their respective progeny.[4]

Yek Salai Classification[edit]

There are Seven Yeks and Nine Salais.[5] They are as follows :

Yek Salai
  • Mangang/Ningthouja
  • Mangang/Ningthouja
  • Luwang
  • Luwang
  • Khuman
  • Khuman
  • Angom
  • Angom
  • Moirang
  • Moirang
  • Khaba Nganba/Kha Nganba
  • Khaba
  • Nganba
  • Sarang Leishangthem/Chenglei
  • Chenglei
  • Haorok Konthou


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