Salima Khudhair

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Salima Khudhair
Born Salima Khudhair Dawud Al-Timimi
(1930-07-01) 1 July 1930 (age 87)
Basra, Iraq
Education Academy of Fine Arts
  • Actress
  • Presenter
  • Writer
Years active 1960–2011
Spouse(s) Hamza Qasim (m. 1960)
Children 1
Relatives Amal Khudhair (sister)

Salima Khudhair (Arabic: سليمة خضيّر‎‎, also spelt Salima Khudair); born 1 July 1930, is an Iraqi actress. She has appeared in many Iraqi films and television series.[1]


The actress Khudair began acting with the group of "art lovers" in Basra, where she played as a Djamila Bouhired in the play "Struggle in Algeria"[2] and then moved to Baghdad to start her career there. She also worked as a broadcaster, and a writer, she released a novel titled "Palms-Guitar".[1]

She has performed roles in several artworks in Arab countries, such as Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Syria.[1]


The most important works of artist Salima Khudair in television, cinema and theater:[3]

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role
1960 Four on the Road
1961 Under The Barber's Razor
1978 Candy
1979 The Silk Thread
1980 Lost Days
1984 Fayez El-Tush
1989 Juha
1990 Ibn Harran Hilala
The Big House Khalifa's mother
1999 Scorpio
2004 Bashawat of Last Age
2005 This Is Love
2006 Sarah Khatoon
2007 Inferno Paradise
2008 Messages From Dead Man
Strangers of the Night
Snow in the Age of Fire
2009 02:00 pm
2010 The Love First
Kingdom of Evil
Shanasheel of Our District
2011 Abu Tubar
To The Poor


Year Title Role
1963 Return to the Countryside
1967 The Watchman
1977 The Experience
The Painting
1979 The Fences
1997 Heroes' Fever


Year Title Role
1967 The Ode of Earth
1977 The Trees Die Standing
1978 They Are All My Children
1986 House And Five Doors


  • Best Actress awards in They Are All My Children play.[1]
  • Best Actress awards in The Experience film.[1]



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