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Miss TV World

On June 7, 2018, the final of the Miss TV World contest will be held at Edem

Resort Medical & SPA. Miss TV World – it is a unique TV project of a new

generation. The peculiarity of this competition is to reach a huge number of

viewership, more than 3 million viewers. The final of the contest consists of 8 TV

programs of different subjects. Each program will be broadcasted on the TV

channels of the participants’ countries and in the social networks of the press

partners of the contest, as well as on the official pages of the participants’

directorate of the contest and the contestants themselves. Consequently, a multi-

million viewership reach will be achieved. The international committee of the

contest "Miss Europe" and the international group City Life TV represent the first

ever international contest of the new generation.

Directorate of the Miss TV World contest cooperates with major advertising

agencies, international news agency Reuters, as well as with news agencies, TV

channels, radio stations and glossy magazines in major cities of Europe and the


Contestants from 30 countries will take part in the semifinal of the contest, which

will be held in Ukraine.

In the final the award will be held in several categories.

Main Category:

Miss TV World

Continental categories:

Miss TV Latin America

Miss TV America

Miss TV Asia

Miss TV Africa

Miss TV Europe