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Varun Sharma is a Solution Architect working since 2003 with various Software companies at various level with 14 Years of working experience as Logic Consultant, Solution Architect, Team Leader/Manager, Senior Developer, System/Technical Architect, Configuration Controller, Project Manager/Integration Manager, Senior Associate, Quality Coordinator for Microsoft Technologies. Currently, enjoying life as a Solution Architect for Click Software for a US based client implementation with numerous business and technical challenges. Worked as a Technical/Solution Architect, Senior DotNet Developer, PM for and E&U US based account with IBM. Worked for National Grid and Airtel Transformation Project with WFM for LDS, ABTS and Telemedia. I was m responsible for Architecting, developing business application (Web, windows, scheduled console, Windows Services) using C# .NET and integrating Click Software Products(Click Schedule, Service Optimization and Administration) with existing systems like CRM, Metasolv, UGIS, FX, SMSC (First Hop-HTTP), Lotus notes etc using XML based message exchange over IBM MQ/HTTP infrastructure.

I am enjoying growing as Solution/Technical Architect at Click Software and will keep doing so until there are technical and business challenges available to keep learning and striving for better quality for customers.

Specialties: Integration Expert, Leading capabilities, Design and Solution, Coding, Coordination and Training, Click Software, Click Schedule, Service Optimization and Administration

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