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Vowave is music, video, podcast streaming and upload service, officially launched on December 2017. Vowave enables its users to upload, record, get revenue, promote, and share their originally-created sounds & videos. Vowave's name got inspired from voice of waves. it is a company based in Norway.

Type of site
Social Networking Service, Music Straming
Owner Saeid Golreihan, Maria Shayan
Editor Maria Shayan, Mohammad Abedi, Saeid Golreihan, Nima Masroor
Website https://www.vowave.com
Launched 2017
Written in php, nodejs, python


Vowave offers to its users features like:

Unlimited Upload Space[edit]

Users are able to upload unlimited sounds and videos but each file can not be more than 1GB.

Deep Statics[edit]

Artists and users can see exact stats for their uploads.

Earn Revenue[edit]

After getting verified by vowave users can earn money from their uploads. They share their revenue from uploads of people with them selves.

Playback Quality[edit]

Listeners can select the quality their network fit in easily by selecting it from the footer player.

A screenshot from homepage of the website

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