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Birth: Oct. 6, 1904 Brooklyn Kings County (Brooklyn) New York, USA Death: Dec. 11, 1983 North Hollywood Los Angeles County California, USA

Son of William Richard Walling (aka Will R. Walling, actor), Sr and Effie (Bond) Walling born in San Francisco County, CA, although some sources say Brooklyn, New York. Parents were in Vaudeville and travelled.

Bill, Jr. worked as an Actor, Photographer, and made the Walling weaving loom that he patented then sold to Groff in the early 1970s..., now called the Oregon Trail with his wife, Marie Elizabeth (Nash) Walling, who he designed the first Walling Loom in North Hollywood, CA.

William, Jr was aka "Richard Walling" and was an actor in silent movies. He was also a Paramount photographer to the stars and worked until 1970 at Universal.

He was married 4 times, I have copies of all four marriage records. Some he gives Richard or R. for middle name in others he uses Rudolph. In all says POB is Brooklyn, NY.

He married four times in LA. (1) HELENE BOWLER 22 Oct 1931 in LA. (2) DOROTHY C. STEVENSON on 22 Feb 1939. (3) VIRGINIA LEE FINLAYSON on 04 March 1944. (4) MARIE ELIZABETH (NASH) BRILL on 22 Dec 1953.

One of his silent movies is "The Midnight Kiss".

When William, Jr was a boy in S.F. he sustained a leg injury on the Trolley car tracks. He almost lost his leg. Per a nice English gentleman who corresponded with William before his death, William started out mopping the floors of the dark rooms at Paramount Pictures. He was hired by Cecil B. DeMille.

Here is some history as related to friend of Bill Walling:

"His parents met as actors in a touring show around the goldrush towns and Bill was born in San Francisco when they were appearing on stage at the Alcazar Theatre on Geary Street. His father bought a farm in Atlas mountains and around 1920 some of his old friends were working in this 'new' business of motion pictures so he and Bill (aged 14) headed to Los Angeles. During his time in San Francisco, Will Snr. had worked for Cecil B. DeMille who had failed to pay him due to lack of funds. Bill turned up at Famous Players Laskey (later to become Paramount Pictures) and arranged to see DeMille. He told him that he owed his father for a gun and a watch that he'd given in lieu of payment and the debt was settled by giving Bill a job. So for 7 days a week he pushed a mop around the concrete floors that held the wet 35mm movie film whilst it was air drying. He soon worked his way up through the photography dept and became an assistant cameraman on the William Fox Sunshine Comedies. During this time the studio was wanting a juvenile lead boy to play opposite Janet Gaynor so they auditioned all the youngsters on the lot. Bill got the job and I believe he worked as a silent screen actor between about 1926 and 1929. Things were changing by the end of the 1920s....silent movies were becoming 'talkies' the recession was coming on and work was drying up. Elmer Fryer at Columbia Pictures knew of Bill's talent for photography and called him up. Bill then accepted a job as photographer and wanting the regular pay check, worked until around 1970 when he finally retired from Universal Pictures. He did indeed shoot most of the youngsters. In the 1930s he had gallery No 2 at Paramount shooting the youngsters and difficult actors such as WC Fields. Eugene Robert Richee had gallery number 1 and shot most of their big stars. Bill did photograph these stars (such as Marlene Dietrich) but they were usually on occasions when Richee was on vacation. I believe that Bill had a serious accident as a youngster whereby he nearly lost a leg in a tram track. It was during his convelecence that a relative bought him a 4 x 5 view camera and his love of photography began."

Bill flew from a very early age. In fact his book talks about flying around the very late 20s......His big influence on his interest in flying is a man called Frank E Williams who appears to be a very big influence on Bill's life as a pilot.......Marilyn you need to get the book...Bill's final paragraph lists Frank Williams who he flew with....Bill had an amazing vocabulary....one I really admire in my own 55 years...."I feel a tug on the slender golden thread binding the past to the future. Ahead, around the bend, I'll hear my Father's melodious whistling tune for his 'Mikee (his wife Effie Bond, mother of Bill)'..........and I'll hear for the last time Frank William's say, "When you look....be sure you see."




Family links:

 William aka "Will R." Richard Walling (1872 - 1932)
 Effie Bond Walling (1879 - 1961)

 Marie Elizabeth Nash Walling (1916 - 2010)

 William Richard or Rudolph Walling (1904 - 1983)
 Robert S Walling (1918 - 1991)*

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