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Xanderz, named Jonathan P. Sanders, was born on June 29th, 1998. He is an American Hip/Hop-Rap artist from Budd Lake, NJ. Xanderz taught himself to produce, rap, play guitar, etc., making him very unique in the music world. With this new tape, Free Above Lies, he has shown his viewers how his true style is.

He has several influences, stating, "A lot of people used to tell me I sounded like A$AP Ferg. I've also gotten Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Future. It just comes out of me naturally, I've never heard what they've heard, but that's the cool part."

Xanderz' most favorited picture. Also the cover of Free Above Lies.

Xanderz uses SoundCloud to further publish his music in addition to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Currently, he is an unsigned independent artist, saying that, "being signed is nice and all, but the last thing I need is any fishy business right now. I'm having fun making music by myself".

Xanderz is enrolled at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, known to be very credible from their jazz program. He has made just as big of an impact on the school using his services to get money and network. Because of this, Xanderz is known to be "the greatest rapper/producer in the area".

He has also been nominated on Hot 97's "Who's Next" article because of his recent release.

He stays very active on social media especially Twitter (@XanderzOfficial), Facebook (@XanderzOfficial), and Instagram (@xanderzofficial).