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Zack Edward Alan Zinzow [1] (born 2001) is an American long distance runner who competes in cross-country and half marathon races. Zinzow is well known for a string of verbal abuse scandals during his time in the military that were widely publicized as well as his high school cross country career where he successfully placed first in every competition he was involved in, prompting national coverage and a biographical film titled "Jeff The Killer, Anime and My Two Little Feet".

Early Life[edit]

Zinzow was born in Lancaster, California during 2001. He was raised in a family that were very affluent and he had several siblings, including a brother with autism. Zinzow attended Antelope Valley Highschool where his interest in long distance running came after he joined the school's JROTC. Zinzow has said in multiple interviews that he picked up running due to anger issues he took out on his younger autistic brother at the time and needed to put that anger into something resourceful.


Zinzow's first competition was the Golden League Finals where he finished 1st though following this, rumours began to circulate this only happened due to Zinzow's mother calling and demanding that Zinzow be moved from 43rd place (where he originally finished) to 1st. Zinzow's finish was unheard of, especially as so many people had seen him at 43rd place during the race. Zinzow was publicized as the next big thing in track and field.[2][3]

Zinzow's next two competitions were the Golden League Cluster #2 and the Central Park invitational, during the Golden League Cluster #2, Zinzow looked like he was going to finish 43rd but ended up finishing 1st once again, an incredible feat.[4] He topped that during the Central Park Invitational when he was able to finish at 1st despite everyone being ahead of him in the race and he was clearly last.[5] These wins led to more national coverage for Zinzow and he was eventually given the key to the city by Rex Parris.

Zinzow continued to participate in competitions until the election of Donald Trump, where Zinzow refused to run as long as Trump was always in front. Zinzow's retirement was said to be a major factor in the 2017 Women's March.

Military Career[edit]

Zinzow enlisted to join the military as soon as he retired from track and field, his cadet second lieutenant rank in JROTC automatically promoted him to being an officer despite his young age of only 17. Zinzow served for only four years but during this time he was able to progress to being a general most likely due to his great leadership abilities and excellent fitness. Despite his and President Trump's major differences, Zinzow was eventually appointed to be the commmander of United States Central Command by President Trump and Zinzow was considered to be the most refining figure in military history after he was able to lead CENTCOM to take out ISIS and Palestine in one single assault.

After four years, General Zinzow left the military.

Personal Life[edit]

Zack Zinzow is married to his wife, Jackie.


Shortly after Zinzow left the military, allegations of verbal abuse were reported, with Zinzow apparently insulting a female soldier to the point of crying and even asking her "What that mouth do?"


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